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The construction of small threes-of-a-kind. The 1st Part

To understand better how to choose the start hand in Omaha holdem poker one should analyse the development of different types of hands at game. Let’s see how badly events can unfold in such an unusual deal for a small three-of-a-kind in a four-handed game.

Your hand The board
two of heartstwo of clubsace of heartsking of spades queen of clubsnine of clubstwo of spadesfour of spades

  Your opponents  
I opponent II opponent III opponent
jack of clubsten of clubseight of heartsseven of hearts ace of spadesjack of spadesfive of heartsthree of hearts queen of diamondsnine of heartsseven diamondsfour of hearts

You managed to get a set with your small pair, and now before the last card is on the board, you have the best hand. However, the only possible way for you to win is to get the missing two. Though being in advance and a favourite against other hands, in this pot for four any opponent is in quite a better running than you. It is here where lays the imperfection of Omaha holdem poker rules for small threes-of-a-kind with pots for several players. So that no one could beat you with a straight or a flush, according to Omaha holdem poker rules a pair must appear on the board, though there is a grave danger that even if it happens someone with two pairs will get a bigger full.

Chances to win with a three-of-a-kind in Omaha holdem poker

Though this deal is made artificially to demonstrate explicitly the problem of small threes-of-a-kind, the general subject of rare wins on the last card appears quite often. Also when playing Omaha holdem poker three against three is not so uncommon as it is in holdem. If you think over the fact that the chances not to get a three-of-a-kind in Omaha holdem poker rules are 7.2 to 1 if you’ve already got a pair, it turns out that playing small threes-of-a-kind means looking for big trouble, on assumption that you are not attracted to threes-of-a-kind.

The tactic against opponents in Omaha holdem poker

Usually when playing with holdem pot limit you have an opportunity to reduce the opposition by one or two opponents before the last card. Thus the unfortunate situation from our example is not likely to happen at this form of Omaha. But even in the situation when you have reduced the opposition by one player, you have to guess anyway whether he draws or has two pairs. (It is assumed that you can beat him immediately). Life “on the river” can turn out not so easy especially if there is an aggressive player against you or if he has a positional advantage.

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