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two_pairsTwo Pairs in Omaha High Poker

Two pairs is a difficult hand in any form of poker and nor Omaha neither holdem are exceptions. In any holdem kind of poker games we classify pairs into three categories depending on the board cards it formed of. (In our discussion we won’t touch the pairs’ situation with one pair in the hand and the other on the board). The three categories are as follows: two top pairs, a top pair and a bottom pair, two bottom pairs.

Two tops is the hand to be formed and worth playing with it. If you receive a supplement (for a full), you may often win a good pot from those who has smaller pairs or got a small three-of-a-kind. Your desire to play or not to play for all your money with to top pairs during the flop in a pot-limit game depends upon many factors such as the amount of money in front of you, your thinking that the opponent will be drawing, the persons you are playing against and other factors. The thing is that if your opponent is drawing he may have an advantage over you and if he has a pat hand, it is likely that you play against a set, so be careful.

In Omaha high poker game rules two pairs are not the same “gutshot” ticket as it usually happens in holdem. Two bottom pairs are not worth even ink to write about them. It is a bad hand and even if you improve it, there is a fair way to get stuck in the same trap as during the flop. Assume we’re playing a limit game and a few players before you will check and your word would be the last; in that case all chances are that you will take a free card and will hope for a supplement (and for getting a strong hand). Even if you were given a receipt that during the flop you had the best hand, it is doubtful anyway that you should street in a limit game, since it is clear that you can be called and beaten. As we can see it – a small pair is a pair not combined with a flop.

In Omaha high poker game rules a top pair and a bottom pair is the most difficult combination.

pair_on_the_boardPartially this problem lays in the fact that you can draw to a full and not get the best hand anyway; and in the end it can cost you pretty much. If the bottom card gets a pair, in that case you will lose to a player, who gets three-of-a-kind. If the top card gets a pair, you’ll lose to a player, who’s got two tops. But nevertheless a combination of top and bottom pairs is more valuable than a combination of two small ones. During the flop it is quite a good hand to bet on it. It is important to defend yourself from a player that can buy better.

But don’t have delusive hopes. If someone shows strength, this hand should be folded without regret. Two pairs can be conquered quite easily especially if there exist (potentially) higher cards. If there is K-Q-2 on the board and you’ve got two high pairs you have quite a better hand than if you had two high pairs and there were 9-8-2 on the board. Overcard can easily supply somebody with two higher pairs. If your opponent has an Overcard and catches a lucky card, higher than any on the board, that gives him three of a kind and in that case your two pairs don’t cost a thing.

Two top pairs can be beaten as easily if the smaller pair is of low value. Imagine you have two top pairs and K-3-2 on the board, your kings and threes will beaten if someone with a higher pair will draw to his hole cards. So if you got two high pairs, let them better be of high value.

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