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three of a kind The construction of small threes-of-a-kind. The 2nd Part

For the beginning see the 1st Part.

Another problem of small threes-of-a-kind in a pot-limit game is a possibility to lose all your money, if your hand turns out to be the worst. The more money you’ve got, the more dangerous a small three-of-a-kind can be for you. In Omaha holdem poker there’s no need to work over the hand which you are going to fold anyway. It’s no sense to run after a “long-range” hand, even if you pay it off, but would want to play till an end. It follows from this that in a pot-limit game one may play on weak pairs only when they can see the flop without spending too much money.

Often you will be involved in a game, where you get a small three-of-a-kind because other two pairs form a strong pair. For example, you have K-K-2-2 in two suits. According to Omaha holdem poker rules you have nothing to do but wait for the flop and hope for help for your kings; and if you get a set of twos – be careful. If the street becomes too strong, according to Omaha holdem poker rules it would be better to fold this three-of-a-kind. During the flop the right thing to do would be not to raise bets, but call them, even if the board allows high variety of drawing opportunities. From time to time a mild call with a three-of-a-kind confuses your opponents, because they don’t know whether you draw or not, since you haven’t raised the bet.

A misunderstanding of Omaha holdem poker rules

misunderstanding Many players don’t understand how bad small threes are in Omaha holdem poker rules, since the psychology of the situation makes them see their hand in the wrong perspective. Small threes-of-a-kind in Omaha holdem poker often win pots, but those are rarely high pots. They often lose high pots! The hand value in Omaha holdem poker should be appraised after you’ve subtracted the losses. With small threes-of-a-kind you may as well come off a looser even having won a few pots. Don’t try to create a hand, which misses one card, if you want to become good player in Omaha holdem poker. And fold small threes-of-a-kind!

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