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hand quiz Quiz on starting hands for Omaha hi poker. The 2nd Part

For the beginning see the first part.

Let’s look at this situation this way: in Omaha hi poker a starting hand getting necessary cards at every fourth flop and winning half of that time is much more valuable than a hand getting necessary cards every second flop and winning quarter of them. Each hand wins one pot of eight but it is cheaper to play a hand attached to flop and winning higher pots than a hand combined to flop moderately.

A thousand runnings (as contrasted to a bigger number) can allow some inaccuracy on account of the size of the static example. We have reasons to think that examples 6 and 14 are underestimated and hands 18 and 20 – overestimated. To our opinion they are inaccurate approximately on 2% from a more precise analysis, which is to be lead on the most examples.

The reader will easily see that our comments about acting in each situation are not directly connected with the number of wins. We’re trying to help you earn money and not winning as many pots as possible and leaving with what you came or even losing.

Computer statistics of starting hands in Omaha hi poker

We think that this statistics should be used in two ways. First, it shows the quality of a hand from which to raise pot bets. Second, it indicates the starting hands which have to see the flop cheaply to play them with profit in Omaha hi poker.

Using Caro and Malmut’s computer statistics with common sense one can help oneself in playing; but if use it blindly, one can get weaknesses, which will affect one’s game.

“A means is as good as a person using it” – this is a nice motto for computer statistics. More and more people use computer results for their gaming strategies, and those who know about the drawbacks of old programs, can exploit them for the best using more realistic hand values than their opponents.

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