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Omaha poker card combinations, their winning probability and directions on playing

Very useful table date for day-to-day play with card combination, probability and explanations.

1 king queen six five 11.2% Fold your cards, two good holdem hands do not form good hand for Omaha.
2 queen jack nine seven 11.2% Call, your hand has good potential for a big draw.
3 ace king four two 10.9% Fold the cards, because you don’t want to get top and bottom pairs; unbeaten drawing spades are not enough by themselves. The presence of suited ace and king is undesirable, since no one will lose you the pot by creating or drawing to the second high flush.
4 seven six five five 12.3% Call. With such a hand one can have reasonable results, especially if you get a three-of-a-kind with flop.
5 ace king nine nine 13.5% Call. This hand is worse than it seems and raising will be improper.
6 ace king queen nine 10.8% Raise. A hand full of high cards must raise to reduce opponents.
7 king king five two 15.4% Call. Side cards are lousy but two kings are enough for the start. You need a cheap way because you need to get a three-of-a-kind.
8 eight eight six three 10.3% Fold, a pair of eights won’t be able even to break the ice.
9 six four three two 6.6% Fold, with such small cards any drawback makes the hand useless.
10 ace nine eight seven 13.3% Call. The hand has drawing potential and two high pairs are possible.
11 four four two two 8.6% Fold. Small threes-of-a-kind make a centuries-old Omaha problem and you build a straight from a weak end.
12 jack ten nine seven 14.0% Raise. You have better chances for a good flop than others and also you can cut a flush draw.
13 queen nine six four 12.1% Fold. Your cards are too scattered that even if the flop is good only half your cards is working.
14 ace queen nine eight 8.6% Call. Your high is quite decent.
15 king queen jack six 11.7% Call. You’ve got three good cards and a six of hearts is not useless; this hand is boundary and I would fold it if I had a lot of money. On such card people often raise in many pots in tournaments with full tables. Let’s change this hand a little and replace 6 of hearts by 8 of hearts and so we have in any case a good hand because of additional opportunities of surrounding straight draw.
16 ten ten nine four 12.3% Call. Every card has its function.
17 ace six five five 12.4% Call. If you are lucky you will get one more 5 and spade, giving you a three-of-a-kind and a flush draw.
18 king five five four 14.2% Fold. With such hand it is difficult to get monster flop than with previous combination cards.
19 king queen jack ten 15.0% Raise. Third heart is a drawback but satin will stand a little more additional weigh.
20 king jack seven six 15.0% Fold. All signs of a problem hand.
21 six five four three 9.4% Call. The cards are not worth raising because of small rate, but sometimes it is possible to use this trick for bluff. You don’t want your opponents to steal your money in lock situation, when you raise, but the flop cards are small.
22 eight eight seven seven 14.0% Call. You make middle three-of-a-kind which is anyway better than small three-of-a-kind.
23 ace jack seven three 12.0% Fold. Any straight draw won’t be good enough.
24 ten nine eight six 11.6% Call. This hand is stronger in a pot-limit game than in a limit one because its drawing flushes are more valuable against smaller number of opponents. Often you may raise in pot-limit game with this hand.
25 ace ace king king 28.9% Raise automatically but remember that you are weaker than opponents.

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