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A straight draw in Omaha holdem poker rules. The 2nd Part

For the beginning see the 1st Part

Another advantage of you having several higher cards than the flop cards lays in that if you or your opponent draws an unbeaten straight on the fourth street (card) you’ll get an opportunity of winning by drawing on the fifth street a new unbeaten straight. In the C example in case 7 appears on the fourth street and your opponent had J-10, then a queen in your hand means that if the last card is a jack or 10 you’re taking the whole bank. This is a bright example of such a concept.

Your Hand Flop Opponent’s Hand
K Q J 10 9 8 2 Q J 10 6

Both you and your opponent have equal chances to get a straight in Omaha holdem poker, but for you it is any card except 7 which gives you a straight and ensures your win in this pot.

Examples of Straight Draw In Omaha Hi Poker Rules

Let’s look through several examples of a straight draw in Omaha holdem poker rules, when the flop cards are not directly followed by each other:

Hand Flop Cards
(E) 10 8 6 х 9 7 2 17
(F) В 10 8 х 9 7 2 13
(G) 8 6 5 х 9 7 2 13
(H) 10 8 7 х 9 6 2 13
(I) 8 7 5 х 9 6 2 13

From the following examples one may see the truth of above-stated principles. A surrounding straight draw has more missing cards, and the presence of cards higher than the flop cards is favourable for forming unbeaten straights instead of risky ones.

Rules for Omaha Holdem PokerIf flop cards have a gap of more than one rank, there won’t be an opportunity of getting a surrounding straight draw. If a gap in card value is two ranks, for example J-8 that allows your hand a maximum combination of Q-10-9, you can get only a 13-sided straight. If a gap makes three ranks, for example J-7 that gives you a maximum combination of 10-9-8, you have an opportunity of getting only a 9-sided straight in Omaha holdem poker.

Often one may hear the term “surrounding straight draw” in reference to such 13 and 9-sided straights. Usually it happens when a player wants to exaggerate the value of his hand in discussion after the end of a deal showing that he bet on good hand but wasn’t lucky and lost.

Such person should stop playing at all. These drawing straights are strong combinations but imagine that on the same flop you get a drawing flush. That’s why pat hands lose in Omaha.

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