May 14

Poker Tournaments at Everest PokerLike many other sports, poker is all about tension and adrenalin that makes our life more exciting. There is no turning back if you have already tried this game of psychoanalytical interplay, tactical skill and of course, a bit of luck. The more you play, the better awards you get. The better wins, the more thrilling it is to play.

Poker is certainly not new, but today it has become so popular unlike any time before in its long history. Originating from a number of different card games from Persia, Germany, France and England the modern poker variations became popular in the early part of the 20th century.

Bricks and Mortar or ‘live’ poker rooms prove the growing success of poker in the world. With the dealer manually shuffling and dealing the cards and players manually counting out and moving chips, B&M poker rooms play is quite slower if compare with online poker rooms. However, limits as a rule are bigger in live poker rooms.

All the beginners can take part in so called novice nights with introductory lessons and tutorials. In case to face opponents is still seems to be intimidating, you can start with online poker, download Everest Poker to practice and than move to the real world. You also can taste waters taking part in regular poker nights that are usual for some pubs and clubs before start playing in live casino.

The number of players seated at a single table in poker ranges from two to ten. Poker tournaments can be with multiple number of tables meaning that the possible number of players is unlimited. The world’s best known live poker tournament is the World Series of Poker Main Event, which attracted a biggest number of 8,772 participants.

Titan Poker BonusYou can play poker in tournaments choosing between single or multi-table tournaments as well as take part in cash games. Usually tournaments require an entrance fee and you begin with the same amount of chips as other players. The buy-in consists of an amount that contributes to the prizepool and an administrative fee for the casino or online poker room. Most casinos offer you special promotions such as titan poker bonus to attract more players.

Such tournaments are held till only one player remains. The prize money can be distributed among the players in such a way as 50% for first place, 30% for second and 20% for third (in case you play a ten person single table tournament). Note that the prizepool distribution can vary greatly depending on the tournament you have chosen.

There are only single table cash games available and such games continue for as long as there are players seated. Blinds (the forced bets before play begins) are constant and you can leave anytime you wish. Thus, this game structure is perfect for those who don’t want to waste their time spending hours in a multi-table tournament. As a rule, the minimum entrance fee also applied to cash games.

You also can take part in sit-n-go tournaments that are the best choice for those who don’t want to play cash games and still have no time to play long-lasting multi-table tournaments. Thus, choosing this type of poker tournaments you can play single table with the blinds going up at regular intervals as in multil-table tournaments.

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