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Welcom to Omaha Poke Blog High-low Omaha holdem game popularity

When was the last time that you were at a poker tournament in Nevada? If not long ago, then you might have noticed something new and distinctive. High-limit card games, attracting players with big names, are not ordinary Texas holdem. Nowadays there appeared a new (for Nevada) game, which attracts a major part of high play and attention, and it is “a new girl in the school” – Omaha holdem.

Omaha went on the poker stage in Nevada like a beautiful lady charming everyone from old professionals to casual rich people by the possibilities of fame or despair. (It should be noticed that the lady is quite fastidious in her choice).

At each session big sums of money change hands since pots are twice as big as they would be when playing Texas at the same stakes. Doyle Brunson, poker champion, said in December of 1983: “Nowadays in professional poker Omaha is a game involving the greatest sums of money”, and here also: “Omaha flies through poker like fire through prairie”.

Special attractiveness of Omaha holdem poker game

Omaha Poker PopularityPlenty of money involved in the game and understanding of the fact that Omaha is the
poker of future created unprecedented in the poker history opportunities for raising money. At present there are so many players who try and learn holdem and high-low Omaha poker rules well, that for a professional most of the games are like shooting motionless ducks. Surely it won’t last forever so don’t miss the opportunity while you still have time.

The main reason of Omaha’s increasing popularity is its exclusive appeal to aggressive players, and those are exactly the people you’d like to play with. They prefer high pots and short waiting between the rounds. Those people overestimate the good luck factor and for some reason they think that their own luck is greater than anybody else’s. With the help of this book we won’t stand aside from this splendid game situation.

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