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poker_rules Omaha holdem poker game rules

Omaha is a game of holdem kind, which uses the same size of the board cards and rounds as the usual Texas holdem. At the beginning of every deal all players are given a starting (initial) hand, after that there takes place a street. Then the board or flop of three community cards is laid out and after that there comes another street. Next the fourth card (the turn) is opened and there is one more street, and finally the last fifth card (the river) and a street.

The rules of holdem Omaha poker game differ from the Texas holdem. The difference between them lays in the fact that in Omaha a player initially is given four cards instead of two. These four cards he keeps during the whole deal and at the showdown the player chooses exactly two cards from his hand – the cards which he wishes to play with, and these cards and three cards form the board are chosen to form a standard poker hand.

The high-low principle of holdem Omaha poker game

There is kind of Omaha poker game rules of which are based on high-low concept. A player chooses any two cards for his top hand game and also can use any two for the small hand. The small hand combination may consist of one or more cards used for the top hand or they may be the remaining two cards. Nowadays high-low poker is played using eight as a qualifier, meaning that the final hand will consist of odd cards from eight and lower, an ace can be considered the lowest. If no one forms a small hand, the whole pot goes to the best top combination.

When playing with permanent dealer from the establishment a button is used for defining in theory the person that made the dealing. With every new dealing the button is moved clockwise. A player next on the left of the button puts forward blinds – chips added to his bets. The structure of two blinds is the most popular one. Preflop actions begin from the player next on the left of the last blind clockwise from the button. Actions in the rest three streets begin from the first player clockwise from the button.

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