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Choosing Online Poker Sites

Image 1 Online poker world can be compared with open space where every poker site is like a separate galaxy with its unique celestial bodies and different law of gravity. Experienced player has the inside track here, he can evaluate quality of the game and decide which site has the best trade at the moment. As regards the uninitiated players, it is not so easy for them to decide on the order of priorities and to choose the poker room where they could feel comfortable.

Undoubtedly, every player has his own demands and interests. Every man to his taste, someone gives preference to the matchless graphics, someone is in pursuit of bonuses and encouragement programs, somebody gambles on the authority and competition level of a site. Sure, there are too much criterias of choosing a poker site: software, games themselves, limits, traffic, tournaments, types of players, customer support etc. But we would like to mark out two most important points that you should take into account when choosing online poker site for you.

Financial security. The most important criteria when choosing the poker site is financial stability of the company. You should make sure that you will be paid and will be paid in proper time. Traffic is the best indicator of the safety detection. Small sites can have financial strait if they have difficulties with attraction of players. So, play in the authoritative and trustworthy poker rooms such as Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, PartyPoker and Titan Poker. They have more players, more tournaments, more prizes and bonuses. To learn more about these world leading poker sites you can address our site online poker sites.

Online Poker Bonuses

Image 2 Below we are going to give the snapshot of the most famous poker sites and will tell about bonuses they offer to players.

Pokerstars, the first-rate poker room where new tournament begins every second. Any limits – from the lowest to the high rollers battles, $1,500,000 on Sunday tournaments and $100,000 every day. The activity of users is just colossal on this site. You can make your first deposit and get 100% bonus that will remain valid 183 days. You can make 3 deposits (up to $600) during 90 days and get 100% bonuses for each deposit made. To earn your bonus you should get on the score sheet, 17 points for each bonus dollar. Bonus is paid gradually – $10.00 for each 170 points scored.

Full Tilt Poker is the only poker room that was planed and adjusted by professional poker stars such as Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson. So, this site can be called the home for professional poker stars. Very generous 100% bonus for your first deposit of $600. You can earn bonus when playing cash and on the tournaments as well. For every $0.42 won on the site you will score one point.

Party Poker is choice of the beginner because it is characterized mainly by loosing game. But it has recently renovated its platform and now it can boasts of the good loyalty program and numerous bonus offers. For example 100% bonus for $500 of the first deposit. Bonus will be valid 30 days an you will get one bonus dollar for each 4 points scored. Regular players get bonuses for the second deposit and special offers from Party Poker.

Titan Poker is one of the world best poker sites that has excellent base of players, both, high rollers and beginners. But the activity of the game depends on the hour, for example it is very low in the daylight. You can get 100% bonus for your first deposit of $500. Moreover, you can get $20.00 just as a present for your registration. Bonus offer is valid 90 days. You will get $1.00 for each 50 points scored, if you will earn 1000 points you will get $20.00 on your account.

Omaha Poker Sites

Besides usual Omaha Poker game these sites can offer you another very popular variant – Omaha High-Low where the bank is divided between the lowest and the highest combinations. At Omaha Poker Sites you can find also such games as Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud Poker, Seven Card Stud Poker High-Low and others. To go into details you can visit omaha poker sites. If you want to play Omaha but you doubt whether you gained an understanding of this game you can play at free poker tables where you risk with virtual money. You can also browse special client program and to join the game at once. And sure, if you wish to check your skills, these sites offer Omaha tournaments for every category of players.

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